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The Patterns of ACCESS NYC are a shared vocabulary between the code, design, and user interface (UI) of ACCESS NYC.

ACCESS NYC aims to increase the accessibility and convenience of discovering and enrolling in government benefits. The Patterns support this work by defining the UI and behavior that New Yorkers experience as they use the site.


  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) AA Compliant typography and color contrast.
  • Multi-lingual stylesheets with right-to-left and left-to-right reading orientations.
  • Mobile-first stylesheets with support for modern browsers back to Internet Explorer 11.
  • Module-based design patterns with CSS and JavaScript included for each pattern.
  • Tailwind.css Utility Framework integration.


Developers can import the Patterns into their projects using NPM, Yarn, or via CDN. All of the source code is publicly available to fork or contribute to.

Design Tools

The Patterns are available as Sketch files that designers can use to implement icons, type styles, colors, and modules in prototypes.

NYC Civic Service Design

ACCESS NYC was built using the NYC Civic Service Design principles. The corresponding site is an introduction to service design for public servants, and a set of practical ways to include design methods in your work. Use this collection of tools and tactics to see your service in context, talk with people who use it, and try out ideas in low-risk ways.

More NYC Design Resources

  • NYC Digital Blueprint - A guide for building trustworthy and accessible digital products that help New Yorkers.
  • NYC Digital Playbook - This guide outlines the City of New York’s intentions for how residents experience City services.